Million Milers

Million Mile Club Requirements
The Driver must have completed 1 million verifiable accident free miles or equivalent time. (Equivalent time will be recorded as 1yr equals 100,000 miles) Time and/or miles must be consecutive.

All accident free time prior to Quickway will be considered.

To document time prior to Quickway you must provide written documentation of previous awards from previous companies or the award entities. All submissions will be verified for authenticity.

The Director of Safety must review all submissions and recommend acceptance to the club.

The Million Mile Club
Congratulations to all of the drivers below for attaining the honor of one million miles as a Quickway driver.


Blennert, Douglas Cappers, Johnny
Carswell, Willis Cheatham, Burford Ray
Craft, Charlie Crawford, Haskee
Dutton, Mark Hawkins, Gene
Hudson, John Hudson, Larry
Jones, Earl Kingery, Ray
Ladson, Mike Larkin, Lee
Light, Danny Likens, John
Mallow, Mike McAviney, John
Mitchem, Jerry Murrell, Tommy
Noakes, Brian Smith, Charlie
Smith, Mike Sullivan, Willie
Tabraham, Phillip Tremain, Arthur
Twine, Linwood Waymire, Larry
Workman, Chester