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Welcome to Quickway

Quickway can deliver all the advantages of your own transportation fleet without the hassles of maintenance, the problems of driver recruitment and management, the burden of capital investment, and the risk of liability exposure. For each of our customers, we custom fit a service program that matches their needs, ranging from everyday deliveries to peak seasonal demand.

Temperature Controlled

Quickway is an established industry leader in the transportation of temperature controlled goods. 

Dedicated Contract

 By building a custom transportation program that works for you, we can adjust to your future and changing demands. We are built to last.

Total Solutions Provider

Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle your complete transportation needs. Let Quickway Logistics bring simplicity to your logistics by leveraging our assets and preferred carrier network. 

Our People

Unparalleled Service | 100% Employee Owned



Why Quickway

Shareholders at Quickway are the most experienced and motivated in the transportation industry. Visit our careers page to become an owner today! 

Experience Ownership

Quickway is 100% employee-owned. When joining an E.S.O.P you join a team of motivated shareholders dedicated to service, growth, and protecting the value of the company.


Learn more about the E.S.O.P.


Quickway offers a great benefits package. Benefits  include 401K, employee stock ownership plan, health, dental, vision and life insurance

Our drivers are paid weekly through direct deposit. To learn more about our benefits (click here).

Why Quickway

Core Values


Founded in 1960, Quickway is specialized in Direct Store Delivery (DSD). 


With an award-winning safety program, industry low CSA scores, and the most selective driver qualification standards in the industry, you can trust Quickway to safely manage the transportation of your freight. 


Our E.S.O.P. creates high driver retention; furthermore, we are a customer-driven workforce.  


Experienced Leadership

Our leadership has many years of professional and safe experience within the transportation industry. 

  • We will be safe, professional, and accountable in everything we do.

  • We will be the best value provider, run lean and efficient while maintaining the highest standards of safety, service, and compliance. 

  • We value honesty, integrity, and open communication for problem-solving and continuous improvement. 

  • We will be results-oriented, recognizing and rewarding shareholders based on their performance. 

  • We are built to last, for the benefit of our customers and shareholder employees. 

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